Who we are

We Can Do – IT was brought to live in order to help with and master daily IT and Tech needs for individuals and small businesses. We found getting help can be frustrating, embarrassing and can leave you with no clue what is going on. We want you to help with all these challenges small or big. It can be as simple as to call your cable provider when your router is not working or we can develop a fully high end Webshop to start your commercial business or do you want or need to start promoting your products online let’s stream or pit out Video on Demand? But maybe your PC is just behaves strange or your network is slow or suddenly drop or you just can not sync your mobile device or maybe you just want to get an Alexa setup.

The tech world has developed endless capabilities but also equal challenges. We do not claim we know everything..but we promise you if we do not know it we will find out!

Hi welcome I am Raffi

I brought We Can Do – IT to live to address and help in a friendly way. I am in IT for over 30 years and bring a huge amount of experience from working with 1000’s of users in large networks for Government, Banks and Insurances. 


Hi, I ‘m Brendan
I’ve worked in web development for 15 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to build powerful & beautiful sites for businesses, large and small.  I’ve worked with museums, chefs, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, music festivals in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.