Services and pricing

ServicesDescriptionPrice/ Rate
Consulting & quick fixIn house or remote assessment and quick fix if possible to the best of our knowledge based on 30 years experience in IT. And yes I call for you Cox or any tech support to address your issues to get it solved!$100/60min
WIFI, Network, Router
Need for speed
Poor reception with your wireless devices let's find the bottleneck. 120 min$190/120min
Video on Demand / live streaming / virtual consulting
Does your business need to shift NOW?
We evaluate the best solution for you. Do you want to live stream? Do you want to implement a pay per view for your content? Do you want to use it for promotional purpose only. Do you need to integrate it into your Webpage?
We can Do -IT! Get a quote!
from $700
PC / Mac / Storage (external disks)Is it time for a new device? do you need transfer data? Is everything slow, does it crash all the time, does your external monitor struggle to light up? What ever keeps you from rolling with your device: let's find out and fix it!$100/60min
Home DvicesAlexa and google play are gtrat compagnions. Do you need help to set it up and get it going in your home?
Let's do it
$60.-/ device
Websites & Webshops
Design, mainenance and set up
Engage with your top professional Webdesigner. We can do all for you from a simple starter page to a fancy ticketing system. Get a quote. Let the pros do it, we are 100 time faster then if you try yourselve and it will look much more professional.$120/h

Do you need help? Is your equipment not working as expected? Are you uncomfortable calling help centers that use tech speech that doesn't make any sense?
We talk IT - We can Do - IT
Let us help you!

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